Affiliate program

Earn money with us, tell your friends about our services


Standard Commission
  • Available to all members.
  • - No active deposits needed


Commission of representatives
  • - Advanced income option.
  • - No active deposits needed.
The 5% affiliate program is available to all members with a personal account. Our 10% rep program is an advanced earning option for members who are willing to help us expand our services in different channels and media.

How to join the representatives?

10% commission for each member with an active mining plan.

The Representatives program is designed for those users or influencers with a more advanced promotion. You can earn 10% commission with this affiliate program, but you must be able to promote our services on platforms, videos, offline seminars, meetings, and any other promotional chanel. To activate your account, write to email: [email protected] . Please include the following information: full name, country of residence, username, previous promotional experience.