How to start?

Follow the next steps to start using hashmono

1. Open account

You can open account with your email, it is totally free no any cost, once you have completed these two simple steps you will have access to all Hashmono functions

2. Select a equipment to rent

Hashmono has 3 equipments to mine bitcoin, you must select the miner that best suits your budget, you can select as many miners as you want, the more miners you rent, the more money you will generate daily.

3. Make the rental payment to activate your miners

Once the equipment to rent has been selected, the next step is to make the rental payment in order to activate them. You can proceed to make the payment with cryptocurrencies or with dollars using perfect money.

4. Withdraw your earnings

Due to the high cost of bitcoin transactions, hashmono offers payments every Friday of each week, you can request a withdrawal and on Friday you will receive all your available earnings in your account.

5. Join our representative program.

Every hashmono user benefits from our affiliate program. We offer two highly rewarding affiliate program tiers to benefit all hashmono users. 5% basic commission and 10% for representatives